Angry locals living in ‘most beautiful village’ slam ‘inconsiderate tourist’

Angry locals living in the West’s most picturesque village have decried “inconsiderate tourists” and the continued use of drones. Castle Combe, 30 minutes from Bristol, offers scenic walking routes and quaint old streets, untouched by time.

This picturesque village is popular with tourists and has been used as a filming location for blockbusters such as Stephen Spielberg’s War Horse. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to the popular site, leading many residents to tell crowds to get off their land, reports Gloucestershire Live.

According to residents, the number of people living full time in the Wiltshire village has declined in recent years. The house for sale is taken and used as a second home or Airbnb.

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Georgina Kingshot outside her home in Castle Combe(Image: SWNS)

Georgina Kingshott, 44, a post-doctoral scientist, has lived in the village since 2016 after fleeing London for a quieter life. He said that tourists violated his privacy by flying drones over his house and flying like a day by the beach.

Georgina said: “In the hotter months people congregate like on the beach which can be a bit annoying. People will gather on one of the benches and be here all day, like on the beach. It’s terrible because during lockdown it’s good.

“Another bad thing is that people will fly their drones over villages. It feels very disturbing.

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