Ear Mystery Signals Can Inform The Brain About Hearing Health – Neuroscience News

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Summary: A new study sheds light on the puzzling role of cochlear signals, suggesting they can inform the brain about the health status of the ear. This research provides important insights for understanding the mechanisms of noise-induced hearing damage. DC signals, identified about 70 years ago, change polarity when the ear is exposed to noxious … Read more

Physical Activity Over 60 Improves Quality of Life – Neuroscience News

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Summary: Researchers found a correlation between physical activity in adults over sixty years and quality of life. The study involving nearly 1,500 participants revealed that reduced physical activity and increased sedentary behavior lead to decreased quality of life. This research underscores the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle into older adulthood. Regular moderate to vigorous … Read more

Abnormal Brain Folding Biomarker for Major Depressive Disorder – Neuroscience News

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Summary: The researchers found a biomarker for major depressive disorder (MDD) in the folds of the brain’s outer covering, or gyri. The investigation, the first of its kind, linked MDD to the local gyrification index (LGI), a measure of cortical folding derived from brain scans. The study revealed that patients with MDD showed decreased cortical … Read more

Up to 10,000 Britons can take part in cancer vaccine trials

NHS 75th Anniversary

Up to 10,000 Britons will take part in clinical trials for personalized cancer vaccines by 2030 after the Government signs agreements with leading pharmaceutical companies. Patients will be given precision immunotherapy that works by stimulating the body’s immune system to recognize and eliminate cancer cells. The announcement comes after the Government signed an agreement with … Read more

Perceptions of Past Abuse: Memory of Childhood Trauma Affects Mental Health More Than The Abuse Itself – Neuroscience News

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Summary: The memory and processing of childhood abuse or neglect can have a significant impact on mental health in adulthood, more than the experience itself. This study revealed that early self-reported experiences of abuse correlated with a higher number of episodes of depression or anxiety later in life, even when compared with individuals with official … Read more

Concept Creep: How Our Concepts Of Anxiety And Depression Are Changing – Neuroscience News

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Summary: A study exploring the “creeping concept” shows that, with increased awareness of mental health in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the concepts of “anxiety” and “depression” are becoming more widespread. The study revealed that, contrary to expectations of less emotionally intense use, these terms have taken on more severe connotations over the past … Read more

COVID in children: younger children and those from disadvantaged areas are at higher risk of hospitalization – new research

A little boy with a breathing tube sleeping in a hospital bed.

At the peak of the pandemic, especially since 2021, many children and adolescents who were hospitalized had COVID. However, it was never clear what proportion of those who were hospitalized with COVID, presented with sufficiently severe disease, or for a different reason (such as an injury), but happened to test positive for COVID during admission. … Read more

Louis Theroux says alopecia ‘has migrated to the brow’ and shares his preventative measures

Stock image of Louis Theroux on the red carpet.  She has revealed that she 'may' have alopecia.  (Getty Images)

Louis Theroux has revealed that he ‘may’ be living with alopecia after losing the hair in his beard. (Getty Images) Louis Theroux has shared an update on the alopecia he believes he may be suffering from. The 52-year-old documentary filmmaker provided an update on social media last night, explaining that he believes alopecia has moved … Read more

Health staff ‘cannot be expected to continue improving’ – BBC News

Health staff 'cannot be expected to continue improving' - BBC News

By Marie-Louise Connolly BBC News NI health correspondent 5 July 2023, 06:19 WIB Updated 16 minutes ago image source, Getty’s image Northern Ireland’s health system cannot expect its staff to “step up again and again” to provide patient care and ensure their safety. That’s according to the head of the Northern Ireland Confederation for Health … Read more

Four Weeks for a Healthier Brain: Resistance Training Can Prevent or Delay Alzheimer’s Disease

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One study has found that regular endurance exercise can prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. In experiments with transgenic mice, it was found that resistance training decreased the formation of beta-amyloid plaques and normalized levels of corticosterone, the stress hormone associated with Alzheimer’s. Researchers believe that the anti-inflammatory effect of resistance training … Read more

Rail companies planning mass closing of ticket offices – BBC News

Rail companies planning mass closing of ticket offices - BBC News

By Michael Race & Katy Austin Business reporter and Transport correspondent, BBC News July 4, 2023 Updated 1 hour ago image source, Getty’s image The rail company plans to push ahead with mass closings of ticket offices across the UK. Industry bosses are expected to confirm public consultations on the phased closure of hundreds of … Read more