Essex boy, 5, given just a few years to live after a rare cancer diagnosis

The family of a boy from Chelmsford who has an aggressive cancer and was given only a few years to live is desperately raising funds to enroll him in a drug trial in Italy. Ellis Wild was diagnosed with high risk stage four Neuroblastoma in February 2021, when he was just three years old.

The youngster – who lives in Writtle with his mum Tracy, 51, and Amy, 39 – has undergone multiple treatments and continues to battle the condition. The family had exhausted all available NHS health care, including chemotherapy, but Ellis had previously relapsed and one of their last opportunities lay in a specialist drug trial in the Italian capital, Rome.

According to Children With Cancer UK, babies diagnosed with Neuroblastoma have only a five-year survival rate of 43 percent when they are between one and four years old; compared with an 83 percent survival rate if diagnosed before one year of age.

“Looking back, maybe the signs were on our faces long before he was finally diagnosed,” Tracy said EssexLive. “Ellis regularly woke up in the night thrashing and crying, sometimes three or four times a night.

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“As first-time parents, we assumed she was having nightmares and we would spend hours comforting her back to sleep. She would be sweating profusely to the point that her pajamas were soaked the next morning. Never for a minute did we imagine it could be something like this. serious as cancer.”

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Despite a two year journey that involved a lengthy stay at Great Ormond Street Hospital with months of chemotherapy treatment, Ellis continued to show himself to be a brave warrior. The little boy, who loves zoo animals and pizza, has had some hair growing back thanks to a UK-based drug trial but, after consuming everything the NHS has to offer, the Wild family must now find around €270,000 (£232k) to register Ellis on the Italian drug trial.

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