Full list of Teesside Cooplands shops still open after closing

The Cooplands bakery chain remains a staple on Teesside for its pastries and sausage rolls – but what shops are still open?

Cooplands, who came from humble beginnings in Scarborough in 1885, have dominated our county’s pastry scene for years, alongside high-profile rival Greggs. With downtown sites and quaint villages, it’s always a strong bet to say you’re never far from one of his shops on Teesside.

However, in recent months, it has come to light that a number of bakeries in our area have closed their windows for the last time, leaving cake lovers heartbroken. Great Ayton, Berwick Hills and Skelton have all recently lost their branches – with the Acklam Road and Linthorpe Road stores also no longer appearing on the company’s website.

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Cooplands recently confirmed that, following an “in-depth review” of the business, the company is making some changes to its operations. It says this is to ensure that the store and wider business are “fully aligned” with the company’s “modern bakery ready-to-eat food retailer” strategy.

The full list of Cooplands stores still open is now available for viewing on the website – and we have provided a handy list below of every Cooplands still serving customers on Teesside.

Here’s a complete list of Cooplands stores that are still open:

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