Jailed in June – Coventry and Warwickshire Outlaws sent to prison

Serious crimes are too often committed in Coventry and Warwickshire. Few of us can go long without seeing another grim report of crime in our area.

What we can hope for if nothing else is justice. And in the past month, that’s what the criminals were given before the courts.

Today, we present the latest list of Coventry and Warwickshire people whose crimes were so serious that judges had no choice but to sentence them to prison. It should be noted, however, that one person in the gang named here is still awaiting sentencing.

From car thieves and violent street attackers to organized drug gangs and other accused, all but one of the inmates below were locked up last month for the crimes they committed. The first is a tragic story that left the family heartbroken.

Elena Angel (David-Mario Lazar case)

David-Mario Lazar was found with serious injuries at his home in Coventry(Image: West Midlands Police)

Five year old David-Mario Lazar was found with serious injuries at his home in Poplar Road, Earlsdon, on January 25 last year. The schoolboy was found shortly before 6pm, but despite the best efforts of the police and paramedics, he was pronounced dead at the scene, as we reported when his case ended recently.

Granny Elena Anghel, 51, who has a history of mental illness, was sentenced to a hospital order after pleading guilty to reduced responsibility murder during a trial at Warwick Crown Court. The prosecution accepted his plea of ​​not guilty to the murder charges.

The court heard how Anghel killed the young boy while suffering from delusions linked to mental illness. Families are left devastated.

The Coventry drug gang

Father and son Michael Browne Sr and Michael Browne Jr were both found guilty and sentenced at Birmingham crown court(Image: WMP)

Michael Browne Sr, Michael Browne Jr, Jake Neilson, Keilum Doherty and Callum Hewitt, all from Coventry, were jailed for more than 60 years. They were locked up for their part in a sophisticated gang that supplied several kilos of drugs and laundered over a million pounds.

Members used encro phones to coordinate their illegal transactions until officers from the West Midlands Regional Organized Crime Unit (ROCU) could decipher from the messages exactly who was involved.

The gang of five played several roles in a massive operation to supply cocaine, marijuana and amphetamines and to launder cash between March and June 2020. Michael Browne Jnr is now wanted by police around the world after failing to appear at trial at Birmingham Crown Court . More about their case.

Dead Damions

Damion Mort has been jailed for ‘vicious, sustained and gratuitous assault’ at Leamington Spa(Image: Warks Police)

Damion Mort, 39, without permanent residence, was sentenced to 22 months in prison after pleading guilty to assault at Warwick Crown Court. In July 2022, Mort, and his victim, a man in his 40s, were in Warwick Road, Leamington, after a night out.

Mort, without provocation, punched the victim in the face causing him to fall backwards. As his victim lay helpless on the floor, Mort continued to punch him before stomping in the face causing the victim to lose consciousness.

The detective leading the case described it as a “vicious, sustained and unprovoked assault.” Full story of the case.

Roman Lewis

Roman Lewis(Image: Warks Police)

Lewis Romanis was jailed after leaving a young boy who needed hospital treatment for severe bruises and head injuries. The ‘sensitive and difficult’ investigation was launched by the Warwickshire Police (CID) Rugby criminal investigation team after the victim was taken to hospital with injuries sustained on a property in Rugby in 2019.

Lewis Romanis, from Beeches Road, Birmingham, and Maisy Russell, 22, from Buchanan Road, Rugby, were arrested and later charged. Romanis pleaded guilty to two counts of assault/abuse/neglecting/abandoning a child/youth to cause unnecessary suffering/injury.

He was sentenced to three and a half years in prison following a trial at Warwick Crown Court. The 23-year-old must serve at least 18 months of his sentence before being released on a licence. More about the court case.

Drug gang

Samantha Clews, Samir Abdulrahman, Lloyd Archer and Ricci Walker(Image: West Midlands Police)

Samantha Clews, Samir Abdulrahman, Lloyd Archer, Ricci Walker and Hamayon Mafozullah moved large quantities of cocaine and heroin from Leeds to Coventry and Leamington. The drugs are then sold en masse to drug users.

CCTV captured Walker trading in an alley and his other associates, including Abdulrahman, using youths to sell drugs throughout 2020. Walker was later arrested while being taken away in a car driven by Mafozullah, with large quantities of Class A drugs also seized.

A search was then conducted at an address in Leamington that the group used to distribute drugs. Officers found cell phones, scales, empty bags and a large quantity of suspected Class A drugs. All have been jailed except for Mafozullah, who will be sentenced at a later date. Full story about this case.

Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams has been jailed for leaving two of his friends who were badly injured in a stolen car he crashed into(Image: Warks Police)

Daniel Williams was sentenced to six years in prison after leaving two friends whose passengers were seriously injured when they crashed a stolen car. Williams sped through residential streets at speeds of up to 70 mph in a desperate attempt to ward off police responding to reports of car occupants trying to steal vehicles.

The 36-year-old ended up crashing his car near Wood End on the evening of October 19, 2022. Williams fled the crashed car leaving two passengers with life-altering injuries.

Police Detective Sian Cook, of Warwickshire Police Reactive CID, said: “Williams ran away from his friends in pain screaming for help and showing no remorse. With friends like him in need of enemies.”

Williams pleaded guilty to causing serious injury by dangerous driving, conspiracy to steal a motor vehicle, driving without insurance and aggravated possession of a vehicle.

Reda Malone

Reda Malone has been jailed after drunkenly stabbing a man at his home in Warwick(Image: Warks Police)

Reda Malone, 42, stabbed a man, leaving a pool of blood on the mattress, following an altercation at his home in The Spinney, Warwick, on March 25 this year.

A&E staff at Warwick Hospital alerted police to the incident when the victim, in his 40s, was brought down at the hospital with four stab wounds to his body. He needed emergency surgery to close the wound and repair the damage to his intestines.

Police Detective Phoebe Gumbley, of CID Leamington, described it as an “incredibly violent and sustained attack” and said the victim was “very lucky to have survived”. Malone pleaded guilty to intentional injury and was sentenced to two years and seven months in prison. Read more about his court case.

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