Life at Leicestershire’s furthest outpost

If you drive north on the A46 from Leicester, go 10 miles to Nottinghamshire then turn right and drive another ten miles towards Lincolnshire, something a bit odd happens. You pass a big sign saying: “Welcome to Leicestershire”.

That’s because Leicestershire has a corner that runs farther north than Grantham and is part of a county like no other. Main attractions include Belvoir Castle, overlooking the large valley known as the Belvoir Valley, and the large village of Bottesford.

The village, 35 miles drive from Leicester, doesn’t feel like part of the county. The nearest town is in Lincolnshire and has a postal code of Nottinghamshire, making one feel a bit torn between the three counties.

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But everyone we spoke to agreed on one thing – this is a great place to live. Villager Colin Watts, 66, who has spent the last 23 years in Bottesford, said: “It’s a very established village and you have everything you need here from a vet and a shop to local builders and other trades.

“It’s a really nice place to live – but that means it’s expensive.” He said the village also had good cafes and pubs. “But I don’t really think of it as Leicestershire,” he added.

Villager Colin Watts (right) with Ian Gray

His friend Ian Gray, 57, who lives over the border in Nottinghamshire agrees: “When you drive around here you are in Lincolnshire, then Leicestershire, then Nottinghamshire….”

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