Breathing helps synchronize neural activity in the cognitive areas of the brain that are awake, studies have found

Breathing helps synchronize neural activity in the cognitive areas of the brain that are awake, studies have found

New research published in Scientific Reports demonstrated that breathing has an important role in coordinating brain activity in the prefrontal brain network during wakefulness. These findings provide new insights into the relationship between breathing and cognitive processing, and could have important implications for meditative practices that involve controlled breathing. Previous studies have shown that respiration … Read more

Here’s What You Need To Know About B-Complex Vitamins

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IF YOU KNOW anyone who is deficient in B vitamins, you have probably seen them take a B complex vitamin supplement. They’ve been touted as the cure-all for your B vitamin-related needs—but do you really need them? “B-complex vitamins are a group of essential micronutrients, consisting of water-soluble B vitamins. [They] requires regular replenishment to … Read more

Loneliness Changes Brain Processing, Unique to Each Individual – Neuroscience News

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Summary: Lonely people process the world in unique ways, very different from those who are not lonely. The study used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to examine the brain processing patterns of 66 college students as they watched various video clips. The results show that individuals who experience loneliness show more unique and special brain … Read more

Spine Injury Patients At High Risk for Immunodeficiency – Neuroscience News

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Summary: Patients recovering from severe spinal cord injuries are more prone to immune deficiencies. Such a deficiency, known as spinal cord injury-induced immune deficiency syndrome, can expose patients to life-threatening infections. This immune deficiency is closely related to the severity of spinal cord injury and can further impair the immune system. This research could pave … Read more

Finding the Optimal Fluid Strategy for Sepsis

Finding the Optimal Fluid Strategy for Sepsis

The new review offers an evidence-based strategy for improving sepsis outcomes with appropriate doses of intravenous (IV) fluid therapy at each stage of treatment. The document offers guidance on four forms of liquid use; assess whether administration of IV fluids is indicated; and purpose of fluid therapy, timing, type, and other clinical parameters. The recommendations … Read more

44% of GP admin jobs can be ‘fully automated’, according to the workforce plan

44% of GP admin work can be ‘fully automated’, workforce plan suggests

The NHS workforce plan has suggested nearly half of GP practice admin jobs could be ‘fully automated’ using new technology. General practitioner practices will be encouraged to ‘take full advantage’ of technological innovations, such as voice recognition, to handle administrative work and free up doctors’ time. NHS England and the Government published their workforce plans … Read more

Unusual rise in childhood type 1 diabetes after Covid – BBC News

Unusual rise in childhood type 1 diabetes after Covid - BBC News

By Michelle Roberts Digital health editor June 30, 2023 image source, Getty’s image There has been an unusual increase in the number of children and adolescents worldwide being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes since Covid, researchers say. A new study in the journal JAMA Network Open has pooled available data from various countries, including the … Read more