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The Passport Tool Keg is a neat little solution for carrying your essentials without the noise. It’s not that different to anything else on the market, so really it just comes down to price, and it works there, to be fair.

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It’s a simple idea, like many others out there – basically, a 300ml water bottle (also available as 750ml) with a lid but no spout, designed to carry your spare or essentials rather than drinks.

Inside you’ll find a neat little neoprene bag that will stop your stuff rattling around, and the bottle fits perfectly in a variety of cages. The lid is a simple screw-on affair, which stays in place without issue.

Overall quality is good. You get a smoke see-through bottle with the Passport logo printed on the outside. It scrapes fairly quickly when you slide it in and out of the bottle cage, so it won’t look fresh for long.

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The neoprene bag has a handle to make it easy to get it out of the bottle even with gloves. It will hold an inner tube and some tools or tire levers, or will easily swallow handfuls of gels and energy bars if you’re out on a long road trip.

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Cost-wise, at £7.99 it’s six pounds less than the similar Topeak Escape Pod, up to £13.99 since I tested it in 2020, although Topeak’s neat touch is that it has a foam section under the lid to ensure it doesn’t leak. nothing vibrates at all.

The slightly larger 450ml Vel Storage Can doesn’t come with a neoprene bag, but does have a foam liner and costs just £5 – and is currently available for £2.50.

It’s worth noting that the Tool Keg is reduced to £4 on the Passport website at the moment. Overall, it’s simple and effective, and a bit cheap at the moment.


A neat and lightweight solution for carrying your things, at a great price

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Make and model: Passport Tool Barrel

Tell us what the product is for and who it is intended for. What did the manufacturer say about it? How does that compare to how you feel about it?

Passport says “Perfect for carrying tools etc. Neoprene Inc tool case”

It is a simple solution for carrying your parts.

Tell us more about the technical aspects of the product?

Passport list:

Smoke color with stealth graphics

Material: Polypropylene (BPA Free)

Large filling opening – easy to clean

Neoprene sleeve to stop tools from rattling inside

Available in two sizes

Fits most standard bottle cages

Product grades for quality of construction:


Product value for performance:


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Product value for value:


Tell us how the product performs overall when used for the purposes for which it was designed

It brings a decent amount of kit without rattles.

Tell us what you really like about the product

The neoprene bag stops rattling.

Tell us what you disliked the product the most

The logo scratches pretty quickly.

How does the price compare to similar products on the market, including those recently tested on

It’s cheaper than a very similar design from Topeak, although the Vel I mentioned is a bargain. The Tool Tong is currently on sale on the Passport website for £4.

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Would you consider buying the product? Yes

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The Utensil Keg is of decent quality and fits into any bottle cage without rattling, for a decent price too.

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