Residents in newly built village “helpless” as environment “worsens”

Residents living in the newly built village outside Derby say they are trapped in no man’s land due to the destruction of the area. Construction on the 500+ home Langley Country Park estate, on Radbourne Lane just outside Mickleover, was completed years ago.

But according to those who live there, it has been abandoned by those who manage it – and, due to legal proceedings, local residents are not allowed to do anything about it. This causes an atmosphere of frustration.

Ian Debling moved in 2016 from Kirk Langley. She wanted to live in a newly built home, and loved the country feel and landscape of Langley Country Park, but has since grown sick of trying to solve problems on her own so she can be proud of where she is. life.

He said: “They won’t listen to us. We are not in control. We can’t ask them to do anything because we have no control over the management company. I would recommend to anyone not to buy a new building.” in a plantation like this because everything is arranged the same way.”

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Residents complained about many problems. They weren’t immediately visible to the naked eye, but Ian and co. think they paint a bad picture of where they live and that’s not what they signed up for.

Among them are trees that are quickly damaged. Ian said he had counted at least 50 “big” who had died over the last year. Most are still surrounded by wooden supports, erected to enhance their growth, although years have passed since they finished growing, meaning the supports are no longer needed.

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