Shoplifters, drink drivers, and stalkers are named by the Devon courts

A dangerous driver and a man made to sign a sex offenders register are among the latest cases to be heard in a court in Devon.

Court judges convict people for various criminal acts. They can impose unlimited fines, bans, community orders, and up to a year in prison.

Here’s a look at DevonLive’s recent hearings at magistrates’ courts in Exeter, Newton Abbot and Barnstaple.


Lee Mark Cambridge, NFA. Age: 24. On 25/03/2023 in John Lewis stole 4 Hugo Boss shirts worth £636. Violating post-sentence surveillance Plea: Guilty. Thrown in jail for 25 weeks. To pay compensation of £636.

Konrad Lisiewicz, Howard Close, Exeter. Age: 18. On 21/10/2022 in Exeter as the driver of a mechanically propelled vehicle on Nelson Road, there was an accident causing damage to two other vehicles and failure to stop. Plea: Guilty. Societal order is made. Was under curfew for 10 weeks.


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