Single mother nearly dies after ‘thyroid’ turns out to be cancer

A mother of two says she will die if she does not seek private healthcare which reveals she has a rare and aggressive cancer.

Emma Halliwell, 43, went from waiting for answers on suspected thyroid problems to an emergency hysterectomy in a matter of weeks. Brutal rounds of chemotherapy followed, including 14-hour sessions where medics battled leiomyosarcoma – a form of sarcoma.

Unlike other forms of cancer, sarcoma affects the soft tissues and is therefore more difficult to treat and spreads easily. Hoping to finish last year’s treatment, he will be having chemotherapy again this week after more nodules were found in his lungs.


Emma, ​​who qualified to be an English teacher before her diagnosis, told LancsLive that funding for sarcoma cancer research is much lower than other forms in the UK. His eldest daughter, Morgan, is now planning nights of live music and entertainment in an effort to raise money for Sarcoma UK.

The Oswaldtwistle woman said she first started having pain problems in 2017 and was initially told it might be medication or age related. He said: “Things got worse so I went to see another doctor who sent me for some scans”. An MRI later revealed what was thought to be a 20×20 cm thyroid which Emma described as “the size of a ball in my uterus”.

Emma Halliwell with daughters Bea and Morgan

Soon after, Emma starts a new job but on her first day is forced to leave due to severe pain and bleeding. He would soon be diagnosed with sepsis and spend six days in the hospital on IVs.

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