Smartwatches can detect Parkinson’s years before diagnosis

Smartwatches can detect Parkinson's years before diagnosis

Smartwatches carry a series of sensors that allow you to record physical activity, heart rate and sleep quality.Nastasik (Getty Images) Before the onset of Parkinson’s disease became apparent, the patient began to write in progressively smaller letters. Before they even know it themselves, they hold down the phone button longer while texting. And a few … Read more

My mother’s terminal cancer diagnosis made me feel something unexpected

Woman comforting her aged mother

Every night, I fall asleep reflecting on my childhood and the memories I have of my mother (Image: Getty Images) Last December, when my five-year-old son asked why Grandma didn’t spend Christmas Day anymore at our house, I found myself crying. I had to explain to him that Grandmother’s cancer was making it difficult for … Read more