The A470’s crash block stretched as drivers were urged to avoid the live area

Emergency services have been called for the crash on the A470. North Wales Police said part of the road was closed between the Esgyryn roundabout and the main Black Cat roundabout at Llandudno Junction.

They have urged drivers to avoid the area if possible, due to heavy traffic in the area. Separately, emergency services are also dealing with accidents at Higher Kinnerton.

Police said Kinnerton Lane was closed near the Leicester Lane junction. They asked drivers to avoid the area.

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A470: Recovery is in progress

A police spokesman told North Wales Live that “officers are awaiting recovery on the A470. They estimate” it will be about an hour before the A470 reopens.

We were also informed that they weren’t the only emergency services that had to attend to one of tonight’s incidents. The fire service was called for the A470 incident while the Welsh Ambulance Service attended to the A470 and Kinnerton incidents.

A470: Three vehicles were involved

A spokesman for North Wales Police confirmed that three vehicles had been involved in the ongoing collision on the A470 at Llandudno Junction. They responded to the incident, near the Black Cat Roundabout, at around 4:15 p.m.

Traffic logs (as of 5:50 p.m.) show that the road remains closed in both directions. We’ll continue to provide updates as and when they come in.

Kinnerton Lane: The road has reopened

According to INRIX, Kinnerton Lane in both directions is reopening. They said that: “Traffic back to normal, crash cleared from Lesters Lane to Bramley Lane.”

We have contacted North Wales Police for comment on the nature of the incident. They have confirmed two vehicles were involved.

Kinnerton Lane: No updates so far

We have not received any updates beyond the initial warning of road closures related to the incident at Higher Kinnerton. Traffic status logs…

Kinnerton Lane was closed in both directions, traffic slowing as a result of the crash from Lester Lane to Bramley Lane.

North Wales Police have been approached for updates.

A470: Segmenting Traffic

The latest update on the Llandudno Junction incident was: “The Royal Welsh Way in both directions closed, traffic jam due to accident from Narrow Lane to A55 North Wales Expressway J19 (Black Cat / Glan Conwy / Llandudno Junction). Congestion to A55 J17 (Conwy Morfa) ), route via Llandudno Junction and Glan Conwy train station.”

Traffic was not helped by the closure of the A547 Conway Road Bridge. Traffic Wales issued the update below in the last few minutes explaining the process of easing traffic stuck in the area.

A470: More information from the traffic report

According to traffic monitoring service INRIX, the accident impacted the flow of vehicles near the A55…

A470 Conway Road Southbound closed, queue of accidental traffic from Narrow Lane to A55 North Wales Expressway J19 (Black Cat / Glan Conwy / Llandudno Junction). Congestion to A55 J17 ( Conwy Morfa) and route via Llandudno Junction.


Hello, I’m bringing you a LIVE update as we’ve received a report from North Wales Police that two routes in the area are blocked due to an ongoing traffic incident.

So far, we have been informed that the road is partially closed on the A470 between the Esgyryn roundabout and the main Black Cat roundabout at Llandudno Junction due to the RTC. There was also an RTC which resulted in a road closure on Kinnerton Lane, Higher Kinnerton, near the Leicester Lane junction.

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