The shop owner was ‘appalled’ by the plan to tear down the town’s arcade

The owner of a shop at an arcade that was about to be demolished said the news was shocking. Developers are eyeing the Odeon Arcade, between Leicester’s Market Place and Cank Street, which was announced this week.

The plans would see the existing building almost completely torn down, with only the traditional market-facing facade remaining, if the plans are approved by Leicester City Council. New shops and 53 flats will then be built in their place.

But what about the stores that are already in the arcades and the people who depend on them for their livelihoods and the customers who frequent them?

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The shop owner currently located in the arcade said they had no advance notice of the scheme. They don’t know yet what the future holds for them. Many have been in arcades for a decade or more, and were based in Market Place before moving inside.

Roy Bhalla, 57, owner of Roy’s Material World, said his business has served customers in the area for 40 years, 10 of which were in the arcade after moving from the market. He told LeicestershireLive: “There have been some discussions [about the development]but it’s just a rumor that they might think about it.

Roy Bhalla, 57, owner of Roy’s Material World at Odeon Arcade(Image: LeicestershireLive)

“This is a bit of a shock. Forty years this business has been here. It just digests the current news, it still needs to sink in.

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