The troll that targeted One Eyed Baz’s widow was jailed for a series of constant abuse

The widow of popular Coventry bouncer and Blues legend Barrington Patterson spoke of her grief after a stalker joked about her husband’s sudden death. Tracey Patterson released an emotional statement after her tormentor was jailed Monday (July 3).

BirminghamLive reported that Katie Bell’s tormentor – said to be a foreigner – had previously been convicted of harassing the famous couple for up to 60 messages a day. One of the grisly communications includes a picture of a casket with a message that reads: “To your grandson”.

However, despite receiving an 18-month suspended sentence for an offense involving a different victim in August 2022, the 27-year-old continued his campaign of abuse when Barrington died suddenly last year. A judge has now ordered him locked up.

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Bell, originally from Sheffield, was sentenced to 15 months in prison for violating a restraining order and sending offensive messages, including commenting on the news of Barrington’s death with a laughing emoji.

Mrs Patterson shared the details in an emotional statement to Sheffield Crown Court where she recounted how she felt distressed by the constant abuse.

She said: “My fears that Katie’s behavior would escalate proved justified. Katie then boldly reactivated the account she had previously used to abuse herself. Every day the anxiety and stress caused by her behavior takes a toll on me mentally and physically.”

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